Thursday, July 19, 2007

How To Keep Cool

Ways to keep cool when the thermometer is your house reads 90F (32C), and you fear that it only reads that because it doesn't go any higher:

  • Spend the morning at playgroup at someone else's house
  • Go to local mall, and window shop in lovely air-conditioned stores
  • Hit craft store in mall and stock up on scrapbooking paper (6 for a $1!! and I got some really neat looking ones too.)
  • Take children to Chick-fil-a, buy yourself a (refillable) drink, and let them play on the playground for a couple hours cause they have the place to themselves while you call friends on your cell phone. Relax and enjoy how amazingly cold it is in that restaurant.
  • After children go to sleep for the night, run out to 7-11 and buy a big slurpee. (in this case, I think the heat is a bit of an excuse cause I'm always looking for reasons to buy slurpees!)

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