Saturday, June 2, 2007

As long as the shoes match....

This lovely afternoon Bird & Bug decided to play dress up. By itself, that doesn't sound too funny, does it? Except that the only dress up clothes they have are Bird's collection of princessy type dresses & Disney princess shoes. Bug started it, opting for the pink Sleeping Beauty dress, and Bird was only too happy to help him into the matching shoes.

{photo deleted}

Once Bug was ready, Bird slipped into her Cinderella dress & her own pair of matching shoes. (huh, those are the only 2 disney dresses she has! all the others are halloween costumes.) Daddy was thrilled with how they both turned out.

{photo deleted}

I have to admit, they do look rather nice! But why is it that there just aren't good dress-up clothes & shoes for boys?!
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