Friday, June 15, 2007


Apparently this stuff is more contagious than I thought! I hadn't realized that just reading about it was enough to catch it; my friend Rachel wrote about her daughter having pinkeye just a couple of days ago, and now Bird woke up this morning with it!

yes, I am kidding. ;) But not about the part where Bird has pinkeye. Ewwwwww.....

What really amazed me though was how many people I had to call to tell them that my child was sick. She was at Vacation Bible School this week (okay, she's never been to any type of school, but the first time she goes she gets pinkeye?!), we were at the gym last night, we were supposed to go visit my parents this weekend (no more short beach trip! sniff)

I feel like I just won (lost?) at a really bad game show - "Yes Jaime, you were supposed to go watch your husband run a race & have a fabulous weekend on the beach with your family! But why don't you just spend the day doing laundry & cleaning everything you own instead?!"

Today is sooooo going to be a TV day.

EDIT - lest i sound a bit too pessimistic, here are some things i am thankful for...
1. Today is Friday, which means the doctors are normally at the office today.
2. My dr. office has a sick hour, where you can just show up first thing in the morning if you wake up to a sick child.
3. Since today is Friday, everyone was at work (including HR people), which was incredibly good when I discovered at the Target pharmacy that Husband's company never gave us the pharmacy card when we signed up for the insurance.
4. I will forever love the Target pharmicist who was so good at eventually piecing everything together so that I could finally get Bird's medicine and go home.
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