Monday, June 4, 2007

It's good to laugh!

I had planned on going to the gym in the morning today to do step & pilates classes. Ended up watching Peanut again while her mom had stitches removed, so I spent the morning making lasagna instead. Not exactly equivalent!! Husband has kindly agreed to leave work a few minutes early though so I can make it to the evening step class instead. (which I definitely need to go to, as I am getting together with several work friends tonight, and there WILL be chocolate involved!)

I was still kind of hoping to do some Pilates today though, so I rummaged around and managed to find one of those videos that I acquired months ago when I thought about exercising but never did. Had the kids put down towels for everyone & we gathered round the tv.

Thirty minutes later....
  • that lady moves FAST!! especially compared to the teacher in the gym
  • i was still unsure that i was doing it correctly, though that may have been because she was moving so fast...
  • the kids are way more flexible, but
  • they were also way cute as they tried to copy the moves
well... until they got bored & decided that running sprints across the living room & launching themsselves onto the couch was more fun.

I did get a bit of a workout, but i didn't feel like i truly worked out. Might need to try one of the other videos tomorrow. Or not.
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