Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Time Warp

There are lots of things that I would avoid doing (ahem... cleaning) in the house cause I was just too busy with work. (lesson plans! tests! quizzes! doing the homework problems before getting to class! and don't get me started on the grading!)

But now that it's summer, I'm shocked to discover that it's 4:30pm.... and I haven't done much of anything on my house to-do list.

Me thinks Husband will not be amused! LOL

I just keep telling myself... but I'm spending all sorts of good time with the kids!! I also keep telling myself that I'm still in recovery from this past year. I also tend to do a lot at night, after they are asleep - mainly the stuff I just do not want them helping me with.

(and for any of you who might be wondering... this laid-back attitude does not apply to the kitchen - cleaned every day - or the bathroom.)
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