Monday, June 18, 2007

The pendulum has started to swing...

I have now been regularly exercising for 7 weeks. After being less than thrilled with the initial results , it continued to get 'worse' as I continued to steadily gain - finally reaching a grand total of 15 pounds! Not exactly positive reinforcement!

After not going anywhere near the scale for a couple of weeks, I finally got brave enough to check my weight again yesterday. I've lost 6 pounds! Yay for me! 6 pounds down, 32 to go..... note to self - stop referring to step instructor as 'satan-girl', even if I am just thinking it.

In other random aerobic news, I noticed at the last couple of classes that my heart rate was a little low. Seems that I have gained a bit of cardio fitness, which I didn't think I had been doing. So I've finally added a riser under the step. And.... I know it's only 3 inches, but it feels like so much more. Sigh. I think I am now as physically fit as a 60-year old. But at least that's better than being as fit as an 80 year old. ;)
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